got a crush on tragedy.


tia / '95 / white / ldn / they/she

♡ cinematography, kpop, (x)dramas,
neon #aesthetiques, wildlife documentaries,
westerns, body horror, found families,
unlikely crime solving duos, wlw & space. ♡


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currently watching: nobody knows
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current fixations: bts, spooks 5evr, politics, (x)dramas, BONGHIVE



teamwork makes the dream work

♔ lee sunmi / jeon jungkook
♡ kim namjoon / park jimin
✧ cho seungyoun, oh seunghee


horror (films, games, books, animanga)

games pkmn, silent hill, the last of us, soma, alien: isolation,
final fantasy, ovw, nintendo, resident evil, prey, botw

music bts, sunmi, bjork, frank ocean, vince staples, lykke li, mitski,
brockhampton, carly rae jepsen, hyukoh, king krule, years & years

film sean baker, bong joon ho, little miss sunshine, the handmaiden,
moonlight, lake mungo, alien, no country for old men, parasite, tdk,
jennifer's body, hereditary, mad max: fury road ♡ horror is a lady's sport

tv the wire, the killing, being human, lost, black mirror (san junipero)

(x)drama soredemo ikite yuku, six flying dragons, arang and the magistrate,
mahoro ekimae bangaichi, nokdu flower, saikou no rikon, misaeng, cruel city,
age of youth, heart to heart, signal, secret forest, n no tame ni, juhan shuttai!

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